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Escrow Services

Streamline has simplified how funding is made and managed for all real estate transactions.  We have incorporated the industry's most secure technology to reduce or eliminate entirely, the sharing of banking information.  We host an effortless deposit portal for buyers to easily and comfortably make their earnest deposits.  We disburse closing funds with extreme diligence and protection.  Consumers and agencies entrust us to execute on their fiduciary responsibilities within a transaction. 

St. John & Water Island properties are included within the St. Thomas Deposit Portal. 


All your escrow solutions in one place

For Real Estate Professionals

Streamline can entirely eliminate your agency from having to ever hold or disburse earnest money.  Furthermore, we swiftly and securely disburse commissions after a closing has concluded.  You'll receive your commission immediately and never have to worry about your client's funds. 

Our agent portal allows you to monitor the progress of your transactions, check on the status of deposits and be instantly alerted to closings.  

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